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Why Won’t My Car Key Turn?

by | Feb 28, 2023 | Ignition Repair | 0 comments

Experts in Car Keys and Ignition Switches in Philadelphia, PA

At Nonstop Locksmith 24/7, our licensed and trained professional locksmiths have advanced skills that can be a big help if you’ve got ignition programs and your car key won’t turn. We use quality hardware and parts for any repairs or key and key fob making, and guarantee them along with our workmanship. Our emergency mobile locksmith comes to you, especially important when you’re wondering, why won’t my key turn in my car? It’s a common problem with many causes and several solutions.

Getting in a Jam with a Stuck Key or Ignition

When you’re ready to go, looking forward to enjoying the trip or short on time and stressed, if your car key doesn’t turn it feels personal. Why isn’t a quick twist of the key producing the confidence of engine sounds and a responsive gas pedal? There are several common reasons, some of which you can probably get past and get on your way. Whether you need help now or want to have your car’s ignition looked at before it happens again, our emergency mobile locksmith in Philadelphia is ready to help.

Don’t Worry, Try Common Fixes for a Stuck Ignition

Especially for older vehicles, getting the insides of the ignition lock better aligned by turning the steering wheel a bit or wiggling the key can allow you to turn the key and get going. This can also help if you can’t remove the key. If that solves your immediate problem, it might still be time to call our mobile locksmith for ignition repair before it gets worse. Anything to do with automotive lock and key issues is usually something our Nonstop Locksmith 24/7 can address, even if it involves replacing a broken ignition. Other common solutions when you’re stuck involve making sure the gear shift is in P or N as required by your manufacturer. This should also be listed in the manual. On some vehicles, a dead battery can cause a stuck key as well. Strangely enough, a simple jump-start can allow you to free up the key and remove it. Our emergency car locksmith knows a lot of secrets about vehicle locking systems, so it’s well worth the call.

Wrong Key and Broken Ignition Switch Problems

Don’t be too hard on yourself if you stick the wrong key into your ignition and get it stuck. That’s a common problem that our emergency locksmith sees fairly often. We also see keys that break off in the ignition. Our locksmith helps with these problems, carefully extracting the key or key piece, often without any further damage. If the ignition switch is damaged by the wrong key, or by a theft attempt, it can be swapped out with an ignition replacement by Nonstop Locksmith 24/7 experts. Once repairs are done, making sure your car works correctly with properly programmed keys and fobs is the next step. For many ignition switch replacements, the time it takes can be surprisingly quick, although that’s not true for every make and model, so ask us about your vehicle type. Replacing the cylinder is often all that’s needed, and even a full switch replacement can get you on the road quickly and take care of starting and even stalling issues caused by a faulty switch.

Your Ignition Switch Experts in Philadelphia, PA

Nonstop Locksmith 24/7 handles damaged and unreliable ignition switches and related problems around the city. We come to you, so when you’re wondering why won’t my key turn in my car, just relax and call!

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