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High-Security Lock Services

Call Us For High-Security Lock Installation At Your Home Or Business in Philadelphia, PA

If you want to update or improve the security of your Philadelphia, PA, home or business, you might want to consider installing high-security locks.

Nonstop Locksmith 24/7 specializes in high-security lock installation and repair solutions. We also offer a full range of additional professional locksmith services for residential, commercial, and auto customers.

Today, many top-rated lock manufacturers produce high-security locks to meet high customer demand for improved security solutions. If you are interested in high-security deadbolt locks, high-security cam lock features, or other high-security lock products, rely on us for assistance.

We can help you choose locks that fit your security needs and budget because we offer Grade 1, Grade 2, or Grade 3 locks.

What Makes a Lock a High-Security Lock?

High-security locks from Keunard, Primus, and Mul-T-Lock

There’s a wide variety of high-security lock brands and types including keyed locks from Keunard (top), Primus (middle), and Mul-T-Lock (bottom). Depending on what level of security you want, and what your budget is, we’ll help you choose the best option.

Did you know that not all locks are high-security locks? Those labeled as high security must meet certain standards. For example, high-security locks must provide a higher degree of resistance to lock manipulation or unauthorized key duplication.

Many top-quality high-security locks come with electronic features such as audit trails or routine monitoring. For many businesses, high-security locks are not an option; they’re a must to maintain compliance with their industry’s governing authorities.

However, many businesses are voluntarily opting to improve their security by installing more robust locks and high-security locks with onboard electronic features. As these locks are an investment in your business and its safety, it makes sense to let a locksmith leader like Nonstop Locksmith 24/7 install them for you. We can also help you source high-security door locks ideal for your exterior or interior doors.

Why Choose High-Security Locks Verus Traditional Doors Locks?

High-security locks offer more robust security levels than traditional door locks, generally speaking. High-security locks have more complex pin configurations and often require reinforced plates for door frames. The locks’ reinforced rods and plates are a deterrent once would-be criminals realize the nature of the lock they’re dealing with as common drilling or lock-picking techniques will not work for these security features. Their more advanced technology makes high-security locks an option to consider when you want to improve the security of your home or business.

High-Security Residential Locks for Philadelphia, PA

Nonstop Locksmith 24/7 helps customers select high-security locks for homes. We can send a high-security residential locksmith to your Philly home to install a variety of reinforced, high-security locks including:

  • electronic door locks
  • exterior door locks
  • Interior door locks (i.e. high-security bedroom door locks)
  • deadbolts
  • keyed door locks

We install high-security locks from highly respected manufacturers like Keunard, Primus, and Mul-T-Lock. These manufacturers have a reputation for making locks that are durable and loaded with robust security features.

Never entrust your home’s security to an unlicensed or inexperienced contractor who could damage your locks and undermine your security. Our high-security lock installation service is fairly priced and always performed by our highly trained professional locksmiths.

High-Security Commercial Locks To Improve Security and Key Control

To safeguard your business or commercial property, it makes sense to invest in high-security locks designed for commercial settings.

Nonstop Locksmith 24/7 can provide high-security installation and high-security keys for any property type, including offices, stores, malls, medical facilities, restaurants, fitness centers, apartment complexes, industrial centers, municipal buildings, and more.

Maintaining good security is important in any setting, but it’s particularly important in large urban settings such as Philadelphia, PA.

Our professional commercial locksmiths take your security seriously. We stay up to date with the best high-security lock products to help businesses like yours choose the best solutions for their property and budget. We can install:

  • High-security door locks
  • High-security deadbolt
  • High-security electronic locks
  • High-security rim cylinder
  • High-security mortise cylinder
  • High-security deadlock
  • High-security locker systems and more

To better protect your assets, you may want to upgrade your commercial locks sooner than later. Our locksmith technicians will install your high-security locks and test them to ensure they function as intended.

High-Security Lock Specialists in Philadelphia, PA

When it comes to high-security locks, you need an experienced lock high-security specialist like our certified locksmiths. High-security locks often feature complex designs and require more specialized installations. Our locksmiths can install your new high-security locks or troubleshoot them if you’re having lock problems. We offer lock repair services that are always performed by professional locksmiths.

‘High security’ is a term that’s used frequently when describing locks, but a trained locksmith knows what lock products actually are high security in terms of security standards. Let us help you source the ideal high-security deadbolt residential or commercial high-security locks for your setting.

Contact Nonstop Locksmith 24/7 to discuss our high-security lock installation services. We serve commercial, residential, and auto customers across Philadelphia, PA. You can also rely on us for our affordable emergency locksmith services. Call to schedule your service appointment or to learn more about our services.

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