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Master Key Systems

Master Key System Experts in Philadelphia, PA

Nonstop Locksmith 24/7 is your expert source of master key systems in the Philadelphia, PA area, helping you to organize the security of your business with our commercial locksmiths.

Nonstop Locksmith 24/7 provides emergency mobile locksmith service, and also professional locksmith services for residential and commercial clients. For businesses, we help keep your business secure by planning and installing lock and key solutions and other security features. We’re on call 24/7 if you have problems with attempted break-ins, lock damage, or lockouts.

Our local, trained, and professional locksmith has years of experience and uses quality hardware and parts for all our services. We provide locks and key systems from brands like Baldwin, Schlage, MasterLock, and Mul-T-Lock.

How Can Master Key Systems Help You?

rekeying multiple door locks for a master key system in an office building

When we install a master key system for an apartment complex or office building we have to rekey all the locks so they can all be operated with a master key.

If you’re not familiar with master key systems, you’ll love what they can do for your business, school, apartment building, or anywhere with lots of locked doors to manage. If you already have a master key system implemented, we can provide the expert management you need, by experienced locksmiths. We’re Nonstop Locksmith 24/7, serving Philadelphia, PA with mobile locksmith services.

We handle LFIC and SFIC systems, restricted master key systems, and the details of implementation including cores, key cuts and keyways, pins, tailpieces, and more. When your building is committed to a hierarchical master key system, our locksmiths are committed to making it work for you and your people.

Master Key Systems Allow For Routine Updates and Key Replacement

As mobile locksmiths covering the Philadelphia area, when it’s time to update master key systems due to personnel changes or other adjustments in access, we’re easily available. Our master key system locksmith can also make keys on the spot to distribute to authorized users.

Whether you have an SFIC interchangeable core system (small format) or a less-flexible LFIC (large format) master key system for your building, we can perform the modifications by swapping out IC cores.

Our locksmith handles master keying Schlage locks and other brands. We’ll also make sure you have the keys you need, and ensure that your entire hierarchy of keys works as planned.

Key System Management & Access Control

Using manual systems or key management software, Nonstop Locksmiths 24/7 can help you keep track of your keys, locks, and organization. In some cases, such as with schools, you may need to gain access to specific areas quickly in an emergency, and proper records are essential.

The master key system is helpful for a building with apartments or offices, and also for buildings under construction where tradespeople need quick access to each area as they perform updates. Anywhere you need specific access control for living spaces, offices, classrooms, laboratories, or other secure spaces, plus access for maintenance management, and other uses, we can help.

The Master Key Installation Process for Your Building

Our master key system locksmith can survey your building and note the lock types, checking to see if they are the specific models and brands required for use with LFIC or SFIC cores. If not, locks will need to be replaced, but from that point on they’ll be easily updated with simple rekeying using the master key door lock system.

The master key system cost will be estimated based on the initial installation requirements, and ongoing update needs. You might also consider restricted locks and keys. Restricted master key systems use patented keyways, that not only have “do not duplicate” stamped on the keys but also have a limited number of sources for the locks and keys.

The advantage of these is the limited access to keys and the inability for unauthorized copies to be made, increasing the level of security significantly. Our locksmith can help you consider the factors involved in your building’s security and guide your choice of which system is right for you.

Ongoing Key System Maintenance and Repairs

Master key door lock systems may experience heavy use, whether it’s in a building under construction with many accesses per day for services, teachers entering classrooms throughout the school day, or other uses. Master key lock systems are tough, but eventually, locks or keys may wear, or problems such as the wrong key being inserted and forced can cause damage.

Other issues such as vandalism, construction dust, and weather can affect the locks. Our Nonstop Locksmith 24/7 master key system locksmith can provide lock repairs thanks to the master key system, and ongoing maintenance to make sure all doors are working reliably.

Your Experienced Locksmiths in Philadelphia

Nonstop Locksmith 24/7 provides versatile lock and key services including standard and restricted master key systems for all types of buildings. Our mobile locksmiths are ready to help. Call today!

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