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Should I Choose a Dealer or Locksmith for Car Keys?

by | Mar 31, 2023 | Automotive

Weighing the Advantages of Your Car Key Alternatives

Do you need replacement car keys, or backup copies in the Philadelphia, PA area? You usually get the best price and service from a business that specializes in what you’re looking for. For car keys, that’s the key specialist, a locksmith, rather than the car sales specialist, the dealer. In most cases, even if you’re willing to pay dealer prices, you still have to go there to get service. If you’re locked out of your car, that might even mean getting it towed there. Emergency mobile locksmiths like Nonstop Locksmith 24/7 come to you, with their equipment and parts. Our expert locksmiths are licensed, professional, and highly trained, and use quality hardware and parts that are guaranteed along with workmanship. If you’re wondering, should I use a locksmith to replace car keys, here’s information to consider.

Navigating The Dealer Environment

Waiting at the dealer for them to get to your vehicle, there’s usually free coffee and the chance to shop for the latest models. If it takes a long time, some dealerships provide a shuttle service to your work or other destination while the work is being done. These benefits are part of the dealer overhead, though, which goes into their pricing, including car keys and remotes. If you wind up purchasing a new vehicle while you’re there, that does raise the price of your trip to the dealer for keys! There are a few cases, such as a complete loss of your keys on a high-end vehicle, where the dealer may have access to manufacturer codes when you supply your original paperwork and other identifying information. These can be used to replace the ignition lock and recode the vehicle locks. It’s an expensive process, and another reason why having spare car keys made by our mobile locksmith is a wise idea for all types of vehicles. Your locksmith can provide objective information about the best ways to handle your lockout or lost key situation reliably and cost- effectively.

Not Just Keys, Most Key-Related Issues, Too!

Like many professionals, locksmiths have their stories to tell. There are plenty online as well, just search for topics like what to do if my dog eats my car keys. That’s why we’re prepared to take care of many different car lock and key problems in addition to making new keys. If you’re wondering, should I use a locksmith to replace car keys, that’s an important reason why the answer is “yes.” You get accurately cut and programmed keys, fobs, remotes, whatever you need, and specialized services to handle other issues. Door locks, trunk locks, ignition locks can be rekeyed to match, vehicle computers can be programmed to accept a new key, and much more. Locksmiths are highly skilled and experienced, so they don’t just cut a key and hand it to you. Instead, they make sure that you’re all set and ready to go.

Emergency Mobile Locksmiths Keep Crazy Hours

When comparing locksmith services with dealership visits, the time of day is an important consideration. Nonstop Locksmiths in Philadelphia, PA come to you anywhere in the area, anytime. They offer great pricing, even in the dark of night, and they also provide important help when you need to get yourself and your car safely home. You don’t have to devise a complex plan of taxis, calling friends, leaving your car, tow trucks, and getting an appointment for service. Call today, and an expert locksmith from Nonstop Locksmith will come fully equipped and well-stocked to resolve your key-related issues.

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