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Can You Duplicate Car Keys?

by | Mar 31, 2023 | Automotive, Car Key Replacement

Experienced Locksmiths Who Say “Yes!” and Come To You

You may have noticed that today’s car keys are quite different from in the past. Sometimes they look similar, but there’s a big attachment on them that holds an electronic chip as well. In other cases, the edges are smooth, and the cuts are into the side of the key, so you have two modern updates to deal with. With all that complexity, people call and ask us, “can you duplicate car keys?” Yes, of course! That’s the advantage of dealing with an experienced, licensed, professional locksmith. We keep up with the times and technology. Our Nonstop Locksmith 24/7 emergency mobile locksmith in Philadelphia has the technology for both the new, precision cuts on modern keys, and for programming chips and other electronic lock technology. We use quality hardware and parts, which we guarantee, along with our workmanship. Wherever you are, our fully equipped van comes to you for car key duplication and lockout services in Philadelphia, PA, and a wide range of other locksmith services for vehicles, homes, and businesses.

You Might Learn More About Your Car’s Locking System

There’s a lot to know about today’s car key systems. For some vehicles, there’s a hidden key available in the remote, but is it a full key or something else? Where does it fit? Where do you need to hold the key fob for an emergency start when your remote’s battery is low? Our experienced professionals at Nonstop Locksmith 24/7 go well beyond even the complex services involved in providing duplicate car keys. They make replacements for lost keys even if you don’t have the original, handle ignition lock problems, and fix or rekey door and truck or hatch locks. They know their business, and can make sure you’re well taken care of, whether your car is in the driveway, or you’re stuck somewhere in the Philadelphia area.

Making Keys Without One to Duplicate?

Licensed professional locksmiths have always been able to make keys without having one to copy. Our training provides knowledge of the inner workings of locking systems that makes that possible. Even with today’s technology, it just takes additional training and experience. The electronic key systems require programming and other methods to match new keys so the computer recognizes them. Once that’s accomplished, you’re on your way! The same goes for key fobs and remotes. It’s just a matter of having the right equipment, knowledge, and training, and when our emergency locksmith arrives to serve you, they have them all.

Can You Duplicate Side Cut Car Keys?

New Volkswagens and other vehicles have keys where the grooves are cut into the side, rather than the edge of the key. You might not have noticed it, since they key works basically the same way. Vehicle manufacturers have been taking many steps to ensure your protection, and this is an important one. Our Nonstop Locksmith 24/7 emergency mobile locksmith has the equipment to precisely make these cuts. That’s another thing about keys cut by our professionals: they’re designed to work perfectly today and to keep on working into the future with our guarantee backing them up.

Pricing and Convenience That Can’t Be Beat

With prices and mobile locksmith convenience that make us your best bet for duplicate car keys, we’re not just for emergencies and lockouts. When you want to make backup keys, extra copies along with key fobs for family members, or any other car key copies, we’re ready to help. At Nonstop Locksmith 24/7 in Philadelphia, PA, we’re the locksmith number to call!

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